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9 Advantages of Doing Love Marriage

Arranged marriage: a match selected by parents or society.  Freedom to choose a partner in a love marriage.

Freedom to choose your own partner

This makes you feel more at ease with your spouse because you already know his or her preferences and choices. 

You know your spouse well

Love marriage promotes greater understanding and compatibility, but it is not always possible to find the right partner, which leads to divorce or affairs.

Better understanding

Choosing your own life partner gives you self-satisfaction and demonstrates maturity.  In the hands of partners, no parental involvement leads to relationship success.


Love marriages challenge traditional norms, promote genetic diversity, form new social groups, and reduce societal atrocities. 

Maintains social equality

Marriage brings inner happiness, joy in life, mental well-being, strong commitment, and a longer lifespan.

Promotes happiness

When there is less family involvement in love marriages, there is more trust and understanding.

Least involvement of the families

Although love marriages are not guaranteed to last forever, people are now taking the time to trust and commit to someone.

Bond lasts forever

Love marriages are simpler because there is no need to impress or conceal anything.  It promotes common interests, freedom, and self-expression.

No risk factor is there