Top 10 smoothie recipe

A luxurious drink. The dish requires nectarines, plums, avocado, cherries, walnuts, and Medjool dates. Depending on your taste and fruit availability, you can add more or less. Good and drinkable.

Stone fruits

Brighten your morning with beetroot, pomegranate, and orange juice. The delightful flavors and vitamin C and minerals your body needs make this a healthy pleasure.


Spinach, rich in vitamins K and A, iron, magnesium, and more, is in this dish. This recipe uses frozen fruit, so you don't have to worry about it going bad.

Green fruits

Almost a smoothie and amazing. India and Pakistan love lassi, a yoghurt drink. This lassi has mint and lemon zest and juice. Get clean!

Lemon lassi

Pineapple, berries, and lime. Add mango or papaya cubes for extra flavor. This drink is best drank leisurely outside in the sun and reminds us of pleasant beach days. Glass island.

Pineapple and coconut

This isn't cookie dough, but it tastes like it thanks to sweet Medjool dates, ripe pear, raw nuts, and almond milk. This may satisfy your needs for a similar-tasting ice cream brand!

Cookie dough

Chilli powder makes smoothies spicy. Try fresh chilli, but don't overdo it! This smoothie combines bitter goji berries, apple juice, and mango, which balances the heat.

Mango and chilli

If you like, you can use cold tea as a smoothie basis. Try a couple to discover one you enjoy. Ooibos tea, mixed berries, and silken tofu make a creamy smoothie. Honey is optional.

Rooibos and berry