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Top 10 Species of Wild Dog

Red Fox

The largest of the 12 fox species, the red fox, feeds on the arctic fox.  Wild dog breed with bushy tail that hunts rodents at night and consumes them whole before being shot for sport and fur.

Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox is a wild canine that lives in the tundra of the Arctic.  It can survive extreme cold, blends in with its white coat, and consumes meat, fish, berries, and small mammals.

Red Wolf

The Southeast US is home to the red wolf, a wild dog breed that looks similar to coyotes and grey wolves.  Due to habitat degradation, interbreeding, and poaching, it is almost extinct.

Maned Wolf

A rare breed of wild dog found in South America is the maned wolf.   It is renowned for its golden look and orange hair.

Gray Wolf

The largest canid, the grey wolf is native to North America and Europe.  Renowned for pack hunting, family structure, and being the forebear of the domestic dog..

Golden Jackal

The Middle Eastern and Asian golden jackal is a sizable wild dog breed.  Southeast Europe's major species of jackal is the European variety.


Southeast Asia is home to the medium-sized wild dog breed known as the Dhole.  They are fierce pack hunters, highly sociable, and they prey on both large mammals and fruit.


Grey-white with yellow paws and ears and black with tail and shoulders.  Due to human expansion, there are no natural enemies.


Largest Australian predator, dingos have brown/reddish fur, white markings, consume meat/grains/fruits, intelligent, form packs, live in forests/grasslands.

African Wild Dog

Southeast Africa is home to the lean, spotted African wild dog, often called the painted wolf.  During the day, it hunts antelopes in bands of up to 30.