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Top 10 Most Advanced Countries in the World

In addition, the country is a pioneer in clean energy technologies, water management, and waste management.


Belgium has one of the most digital societies in Europe, owing to its high rate of fast broadband subscriptions per capita and integration of digital technology. 


With leading automotive companies like BMW and leading industrial companies like Siemens, Germany is a technology and innovation powerhouse.


The term "independent" refers to a person who does not work for the government.


The city state has a highly digital economy and is home to the regional operations of many leading tech companies such as Google that offer digital services and do business in Southeast Asia.


One reason for the country's high GDP per capita is that it has the world's second highest concentration of high-tech companies. Israel also has the most startups per capita in the world.


The country also ranks highly in terms of the extent of internet use and the technological skills of its citizens.  Although it has a relatively small population of 5.5 million.


The Netherlands has a GDP per capita of $58,061 in 2021 and a leading technological environment anchored by a robust digital infrastructure.


Given technology and innovation, Japan is one of the world's leading high-tech nations.


Taiwan is a semiconductor leader due to the presence of companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor.