Top 5 Most Energetic Dog Breeds

Weimaraner Weimaraners are a breed known for their impressive energy levels and need for regular exercise. With their sleek and elegant appearance

The Weimaraner was bred for hunting and continues to have that drive to be on the move, running long distances. These dogs tend to be friendly and affectionate 

Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherds are renowned for their exceptional energy levels and athleticism. These intelligent and versatile dogs excel in various activities 

When you bring an Australian Shepherd home, be prepared to take care of a smart pup who is bound to make a bit of mischief when they have a lot of energy. 


Australian Cattle Dog Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue Heelers, are not just the stars of the kids’ TV show “Bluey”, but they’re incredibly high-energy dogs, reflecting their working heritage.

Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terriers are known for their highly active nature, making them one of the most energetic dog breeds.

Border Collie Border Collies are widely recognized as the most active dog breed, renowned for their unparalleled energy levels and exceptional agility.

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