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Ways that you should know to improve your relationship with your dog

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Spend time together

Spend the day cuddled up with your dog, share experiences. Try going out for a sniffari and putting in some quality playtime with your pup.

Put a little love into their food

The way to dogs’ hearts is through their stomach, and preparing healthy, tasty food for your dog shows you care.

Train your dog

Well-trained pups are allowed greater freedom & also reduces frustration because when you ask dog to do something, they know exactly what you want .

Remain calm

Losing your temper/ yelling can upsets anyone. No matter what’s going on, exude a sense of tranquility so your dog can count on you to keep your cool.

Pet your dog

There is strong evidence that physical contact, such as grooming and petting, lowers stress in shelter dogs.

Learn more about dog behavior

Learn body language & facial expressions, So you can identify the signs that your dog is anxious or scared, thus you can protect your dog

Communicate clearly

Dogs pay attention to what you do more than to what you say, which means that you should attend to what you do when you communicate with them. 

Pay attention to your dog’s likes and dislikes

Knowing your dog’s preferences, (such as favorite games and foods), means that you can give them what they really want and be the source of all things wonderful.

Be playful

Scientists have observed that, across a variety of species, parents who play with their children have the closest relationships with them.