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Zodiac Signs Flirting Styles


Aries flirts easily, inviting you to show off their talents unexpectedly.  They may not flirt with one person for long but leave a lasting impression.


They are seductive and appealing and enjoy flirting.  When possible, they touch their crush and give them sweet gifts while also testing the waters with arm touches.


Conversational sensual touches go over well with Gemini.  Gently touch their shoulder or arm to flirt.  Geminis love talking, therefore they can also flirt via SMS.


Cancer loves physical affection,. Touch a Cancer man gently on; works better with men.


A Leo man is naturally flirtatious, but if he really likes you, he'll go all out.  To determine his genuine feelings, look at how he acts around you compared to his pals.


Virgos are careful and gentle flirts.  They generally pursue friendship before romance, winning their crushes over with praises and humour.


Like eating and drinking, flirting is important to Libras.  Their actions send a message. Speaking is not as important to Libras as it is to Geminis.


Scorpio makes passionate sexiness, intense eye contact, and probing inquiries.  They treat it like a game and want to come out on top without saying much.


Sagittarians lack subtlety, adore independence, and engage in direct flirtation.  Quieter signs may object to this strategy.


For the reserved Capricorn, classy, understated flirting works.  Later on, they'll value your suggestive remarks.  Make a sophisticated impression on them to win them over.


Aquarius flirts are spontaneous and unpredictable in their pursuit of attention.  Complex topics and intellectual stimulus are good sources of distraction.


Pisces are reserved but playful when in love.  They take care of you by providing comforts like food, drinks, and nice blankets.