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Zodiac signs and their trust issues

Some people have a tendency to overshare and trust everyone right away.  They believe that life is too short to constantly be on guard.


They believe that people can lie to their own advantage, and they frequently do so.  Taurus souls think that no one can be trusted and that individuals only share partial truths.


These people are self-sufficient perfectionists.   They rarely confide in anyone because they prefer not to trust anyone.


Cancer with a kind heart loves to observe before entering a partnership. Being a water sign, they are extremely trusting and sensitive and demand the same qualities from their spouse.


This fire sign has a reputation for being one of the most particular when it comes to love. The bad news is that dating an incompatible person will undoubtedly lead to many trust concerns.


One of the most intelligent signs in the zodiac, the Virgo is prone to making snap judgements and overthinking things, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.


For the sake of satisfying their insecure temperament, Libras will do everything.  Despite their partner's repeated assurances of their love and trust, a part of them always feels on the verge of insecurity.


They believe they are the only ones capable of finishing a task.  They rarely confide in anyone because they prefer not to trust anyone.


Sagittarius is one of the most forgiving signs of the zodiac, and despite their difficulty in trusting others, they are able to overlook all the wrongdoings they have witnessed.


Capricorns like to notice the worst traits in others rather than the greatest.  They are wary about upholding any sort of expectations, thus they rarely trust anyone.


This sign is extremely afraid of getting wounded.  They seldom ever show their hearts to those around them because of this.


Due to their high levels of empathy and intuition, Pisces are able to read people's feelings quickly.  As a result, if they perceive that their romantic relationship is in trouble, they may become suspicious and uneasy.