Astrologers' Most Curious Zodiac Sign

Some have more of this trait than others, like most. They're open to new experiences, encyclopedia-length books, and conversations with strangers. 

Capricorns can be tough: they want to get things done fast and eliminate distractions.

They may not slip into Wikipedia while organizing a spreadsheet, but it doesn't imply they're not curious. Their curiosity stems from their love of deep work.

They solve many personal and business issues with their distinct perspective and need to be thought-provoking "Linda Berry, coach and astrologer. Wisdom, quick wit, and strong instincts govern their actions and trusts


Sagittariuses see the world as a huge book and want to read every page. "Whether it's discovering a foreign city's hidden alleyway or debating a philosophical issue, their curiosity is limitless.

Mercury rules communication and information in Virgo.Mercury's influence gives Virgos a lively, flexible mind, intelligence, and deep interest in all things. Mercury also enhances their analytical skills and scientific mind

Aquarius is the most intelligent sign and loves learning. Its worldview is unique and free-spirited. Berry says their curiosity is unstoppable.

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