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Zodiac Signs & their Meanings


The fire signs of the cardinal are active, aggressive, and early adopters.   They excel in sports, influence, or law.


Venus-ruled Taurus appreciates art, luxury, spa days, and sweets and is laid-back and loyal.  Nevertheless, when it comes to intimacy, Taurus may be sluggish and stubborn.


Gemini is a volatile, air sign. Loves to talk and can be extroverted or quiet.  Masters of social and verbal abilities. diverse friendships and original jobs.


The moon rules this cardinal water sign. When frustrated, has a tendency to become irritable and withdraw into a protective shell.


Fixed fire sign, sun-ruled; self-assured, driven, and confident leaders.  Cheerful and dependable, yet sometimes self-centered. Love giving loved ones the best things in life.


Because of the influence of Mercury, Virgos are like air signs. They are meticulous list-makers, planners, and organisers who put a lot of effort into getting things "exactly right."


A person with a Cardinal air sign values close relationships, values balance and harmony, appreciates art and beauty, and is a go-getter who speaks up for their convictions.


Scorpios are incredibly reserved, dominant, enigmatic, and spiritual.  In emotional entanglements, they are extremely loyal and play their cards close to their chests.


Jupiter rules Sagittarians, who are adventurous, optimistic, philosophical, and passionate people.  They like to have fun and are drawn to occupations that require travel.


Capricorns are devoted and hardworking team members since they are constantly driven to succeed and receive praise for their no-nonsense efforts.


The fixed air sign of Aquarius is renowned for being progressive, sociable, and focused on the greater good.  They tend to choose platonic partnerships and unconventional arrangements.


Pisces are sensitive and perceptive people who are also healers, hopeless romantics, artists, and escapists.  They also pursue spirituality, metaphysics, and psychology.