Zodiac signs who are emotionally weak

Scorpio present a very strong image of themselves but secretly they feel very vulnerable and scared to come across intense emotions.


Aqarians often have to face the difficulty in expressing their feelings and tend to be emotionally distant.


When they are truly invested in a friend/partner, they can be incredibly sensitive. They take life so seriously only because they care so much.


Since they are impulsive with decisions & actions. They don’t know how to act & handle their emotions when they face any complicated situation.


Taureans love the people in their lives and care them, from the bottom of the heart but they are extremely bad at expressing feeling.


Pisces may find themselves easily overwhelmed by life & the problem of those around them, which is why they prefer being alone to process feelings.


Leos are more egoistic and self-centered. They are sensitive and emotional but only in situations that involve their near and dear ones.


Librans are the epitome of the balance. So, when they are out of balance, it can take a toll on their emotional state.


Gemini are the very over thinkers and tend to get easily affected by their surroundings and environment.


Cancerians are ruled by the moon and highly affected by its phases. Their emotions can go up and down very quickly.